Eric Schmid

B. 1990  Chicago, IL

Edition Erich Schmid

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Upcoming releases: 

"Treatise" CD-R
"Relativistic van der Rohe" CD-R
"Metamathematical research justifying Treatise" CD-R
E.S. "Story of the Eye" CD-R
E.S. "Fleurs du Mal & À Rebours" CD-R
E.S. "Beuys=Schmitt (Ja Ja Ja Ne Ne Ne) OR Topology=Metaphysics (R Thom)" CD-R
Schmid "I quit FPBJPC" CD-R
"celestialrailroad arms race" CD-R
Schmid - "Poems by M. Kippenberger, B. Porter, D. Roth, R. Filliou, E. Williams and D. Graham" CD-R
Schmid - "Poems by U. Carrión, D. Higgins, P. Corner, J. Giorno, L. Eigner and H.D." CD-R
Schmid - "Poems by Broodthaers, Roussel, Chaimowicz, Weiner, Rainer, Smithson & Éluard" CD-R
Bottom-up Pure Math - "2 digital tone generators and a Piaget book during a bath" CD-R
Schmid "Filliou & Snyder" cassette
Matthew P. Hopkins CD-R
Schmid & Boland "Social Topology" CD-R
Schmid/Schumacher collab/split cassette

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2020 Exhibitions:  

Duo show at Macfarlane

Group show at Rumpelstiltskin

My Taste: 


BA, New York University, Philosophy, Minor in Math, graduated 2014